Broken Ties

War did not only come to the Ukraine. It also came to Russian families. The society has split into two camps: opponents and supporters of the “military operation”. There are no neutrals. It became impossible to “treat it with understanding”. Each and everyone of us have relatives with whom we have stopped speaking to or try to keep communication to a minimum after February 24th. Parents break up with their kids, wives with husbands, sisters with brothers. Debates don’t work since people believe propaganda from TV more than they believe their dear ones. The film of Andrey Loshak “Break of Connection” is dedicated to families broken up by the war. Its characters - seven couples, and Andrey speaks with each of them personally, asking the same questions. The shoot began early spring and since then not a single participant has changed their opinion. This film is not an attempt of a dialogue, it is the sad evidence of a lack of one. Merciless diagnosis to a sick society in which propaganda proves to be stronger than family ties.

Author: Andrey Loshak

Editor, producer for working with heroes, archive search: Darina Lukutina

Alexander Marchenko
Dmitry Kubasov
Fedor Guerlain
Igor Tsvetkov
Evgeny Sinelnikov
Yuri Savran
Anton Belyaev
Katya Isaeva
Andrey Kurochkin

Graphics and motion design: Oleg Lyakhov

Music: Karina Ghazaryan