Avito Climate technology

At the core of our video is the idea that on Avito, there is such a vast selection of climate control equipment at favorable prices that you'll want to buy it all, literally. Here and now. Everything at once! And that's exactly what the main character of our story does. But «behind the scenes». And our viewer catches him already in the moment of using all this abundance of climate control technology.
Director: Alexander Penzev
Director of Photography: Stas Chernenko
Production Designer: Valeria Kulieva
Executive Producers: Anna Panova, Alexander Konkov
Producer: Polina Shalunova
Line Producer: Anna Shipilova
Actor: Alexander Afanasyev
Gaffer: Mikhail Vilchinkov
Assistant Production Designer: Zlata Korableva
Makeup Artist: Ksenia Kamyshova
Stylist: Elizaveta Shekhovtsova
Assistant Stylist: Ulyana Morozova
On-set Editor: Maria Volovik
Editor: Sofia Isoko
Graphics: Alexander Medvedev
Colorist: Viktor Mogilat